Always learning

Today I facilitated a workshop I’ve done many times. Many versions even (also, a version will be coming to a TMC near you). The last time I gave this particular version, the feedback from participants was that I’d allowed too much time for sharing & working and that they would have liked more information on the structural pieces from me.

So I made a couple small modifications to my plan. On top of this, today’s group was pretty quiet and low energy so with my other changes this upped my own personal talk time. They also had A LOT of questions which were specifically for me (which is not bad, but I typically flip questions back to group conversation).

Of course their written feedback was that they would have appreciated more time to share and collaborate. #facepalm

The reading of a crowd and getting at what their needs are is tough business. Figuring out when to say “let’s talk about that later” and when to answer questions in the moment is tough business. It’s all tough business. Hopefully I’m getting better at it. Next time will be better, if only by a bit.


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