The Community

So, I took some days off. I’m just doing me. And getting caught up on Game of Thrones and Scandal, which are some of my favourite evening plans. (And then I had a family day AND travelled to Regina for a second facilitator intake day, and boy I’m bad at this blogging business.)

Wednesday, was our first community intake day! It’s crazy to think that at this time last year I was participating in the community intake day as a participant, but from the seat of just having been hired. It was extra exciting to have one of our new hires in the exact same position this year.

One of the (many) fun parts of my job is working with the facilitator community. In what I think is a very brilliant move, our teachers’ federation had the idea to support, mentor and grow the idea of high quality professional development for teachers by teachers. So for the last (3?) years, my unit has been growing the facilitator community.

Teachers apply to the community, and then if accepted, we provide them with a wack of PD on facilitation itself, as well as mentor them through the planning and facilitating of workshops. Our intake day is a day for us to see these folks as learners as well as for them to learn all about us (just in case they want to run away). Since the facilitator community is already established, and our unit has a (flexible) strategic plan we’re kind of looking for specific areas of expertise in our new facilitators. We are not really in a position to blanket accept everyone, because there are only 3 of us and we can only handle so much work. Except for sometime before lunch, my boss walks by and whispers “What do you think? I think I want to keep them all!” and then we do this hilarious math thing where we magically make the number work perfectly for keeping everyone (though there are some circumstances out of our control) because it would be a freaking tragedy to not work with all these amazing people.

I’m going to spend the next few posts – maybe they will be consecutive days, maybe not, I’m doing me after all – blogging about the community because I think it’s so amazing and I think maybe some folks should consider how they could implement baby models or alternate models to improve professional development. Getting to walk into rooms where teachers are doing amazing things for the profession as my job is so rad. Getting to say “Hey, I might be able to help you do that” and then being able to provide legitimate supports is extra rad.


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