What in the world am I doing? This is probably not going to end well, but here goes anyway.

8 (EIGHT! OMG) Eight years ago I joined twitter because a friend of mine (in my personal life) said it seemed fun and a little less serious than blogging. We were all personal blogging at the time. No you can’t have the link. Seriously. Anyway, not soon after I fell down the math blog rabbit hole and made some of the best friends I have. Those friends have been directly involved in making me a way better teacher and person.

Fast forward seven years, moar friends, a husband, two children who don’t sleep and moar friends and a brand new snazzy job and well you have the very sad, sorry state of my neglected blog. I’ve been wanting to get back to it lately, so much cool stuff is happening in math land in Saskatchewan. For real.

Then comes Anne and her fancy idea that we should all blog every day in May. That’s crazy right? It’s totally crazy. But the #MTBoS has played a huge part in how I even get to be doing what I am right now, and it’s time to start giving back again in the form of sharing. Even if it is just links to other people’s stuff. So let’s do this. May. 30 posts. Join us maybe?


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