New Job!

Christopher’s post today made me realize that I hadn’t taken a minute to blog about my new job either. Possibly because I haven’t exactly been able to find a minute where I’ve been interested in blogging, but regardless I should try to make time since it’s been a couple months.

So in case you missed it, I got a new job!  I have the uber fancy title of “Associate Director” and refer to myself as a “troubadour of professional development” neither of which are particularly helpful in understanding what the heck it is I do all the time. Part of the fun is all the different things I do and part of the insanity is omg all the different things I do. So here are a few of the things I do. Currently anyway, this list seems to get longer by the day.

  • Plan and facilitate provincial PD offerings. Our team looks at the province globally and tries to decide what teachers will want/need for professional development during the year. Then we offer it!
  • Plan and facilitate PD for school divisions. Schools contract us out to do a whole variety of PD for their staffs. So far I’ve been working almost exclusively in math-land, but I’ll eventually have to branch out into some more generalist things.
  • Write (?!) and then fulfil long term contracts. Currently I’ve got one long term project on the go, and it’s an interesting hybrid of PD, planning and coaching with a small group of teachers on one staff. This is pretty exciting work since it’s long term and it’s my real connection to classrooms and students.
  • Support and work with our larger facilitator community. Our actual team is teeny tiny, so we are growing a large network of teachers in the province who can plan and then facilitate for us when opportunities arise. It’s the very beginning of this project, so this means lots of co-planning & co-facilitating & feedback loops.
  • Plan conferences. Some people don’t find this very fun, but I’m a fan.
  • Attend all the meetings. If teachers are involved we want to be involved & if math is involved I want to be involved. (other folks do the other meetings 🙂 ) We try to both make sure we understand what is going on in teachers’ lives from all directions so we can be mindful of their needs, and advocate for meaningful teacher supports.

So life is certainly never boring! Add in a pile of driving – this province is large! – and all kinds of random things and adventures and it’s a busy gig. I have the most awesome team to work with, and am meeting all the most amazing teachers, so all in all it’s been a great move. I will let you know if I feel the same way after I deliver my first plenary at the end of October!


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