TMC Reflection, the feels edition

Uh, maybe don’t look too close at the date of my last blog post mmmmkay? (Bet all you new #MTBoSers didn’t even know I had one, that’s cool).


I just started reading some reflections, promptly started crying at all the loveliness, so figured I better blog my own reflection before I’m incapable of doing so. I think I did say I’d at least make an honest effort at blogging more than once a decade at TMC after all.

TMC15 for me was a reunion of the very best kind. TMC13 was an amazing experience, but it was tinged with a desire to meet all the people and do all the things. At 150 strong it seemed pretty sure that it would certainly become an annual thing, but Canada is far & who can predict the future right? TMC this year, for me, had none of the feelings of needing to do anything.

It kinda had the qualities of a really good spiralling curriculum. I was able to spend really nice dedicated time with people who have been friends for a really long time. I was also able to deepen friendships and spend more time with people I only had a chance to meet in person briefly in Philly, which was really really lovely. I also had the opportunity to meet and learn with a wack of new folks – both long chats & quick hellos.

The things that didn’t happen? The people I didn’t get to meet or spend as much time as I would have liked with? Well it seems just perfect anyway, because as Elizabeth would say “This is a revolution” and no one is going anywhere. It feels very comfortable to know I’ll catch them next time, whenever that might be, and it will be awesome then.


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