New Lesson Plan Format


I’m back!  I sent this out via the twitters not that long ago, but thought maybe it’s worth sharing a bit more widely.  This year will be my first year being seriously planned and ready (thanks to my most amazing Math 9 community).  The Math 9 group planned an entire unit that is a combination of review/responsive/enrichment stations to address the fact that every year we get grade 9s with a huge range of ability in our classes.  I’m totally against streaming, so I consider this a good thing, but it is daunting to deal with.  So yay! stations! I’m pumped to see how they work.  The stations are also paired with the new material that students need to learn from our curriculum, which is all stuff I’ve taught many times.  The organization of everything was feeling a little bit funny in my mind – I’ve got this great binder of all the papers related to the stations, then some not so clear notes on how exactly our group envisions new instruction and honestly it’s sort of a mess.  I am totally confident that I could do a really decent job of winging the new instruction pieces since I’ve taught it so many times, but this seems like a good opportunity to take the time to get organized AND be more thoughtful.

Et voila! My new lesson plan template was born.  It is stolen modified heavily from the 5 Practices book from NCTM (Stein & Smith) and I think will work well to organize new lessons, as well as keep track of the anticipating & monitoring that I tend to do on the fly.  Yet again a huge thanks to Christopher Danielson (buy his book!) for introducing me to this little gem at TMC13. 

Lesson Planning Document (on Dropbox)


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