Early Days

So I rarely post about actual classroom stuff, and I’ve got a long lineup of half started posts, but hey! this seems like an easy thing to share (and I’m somewhat interested in the results.)  Students’ first day homework is to go home and reflect on what characteristics/qualities good learners, communicators, problem solvers and community members have.  The next day we throw these all up on the board.  This year I added in the step of then brainstorming in table groups what barriers to these things might be.  We put these all up beside our characteristics and then we talk about our classroom community and norms/expectations for the year.  I thought these conversations went especially well this year, the students were pretty thoughtful and seemed really open minded to the idea that we’re actively making a community where we will come together everyday to learn and make mistakes together.  I’m going to not say (for the moment anyway) why I find the different classes so fascinating.





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