SUM 2013 Presentation

So @justagurl24 and I gave a presentations on the mathtwitterblogospher at SUM this year.  It was meh (in my opinion).  I think we were both hoping the audience would be more interactive, but really we just got a bunch of stares.  Which, I should have anticipated given how folks look at me when I say I outsource everything to twitter.  Also, one of our “activities” fell flat – given Dan was the keynote I was thinking everyone would have laptops/ipads with them.  Asking folks to read blogs on their phones was a little awkward.  Also, since laptops weren’t really prevalent, having folks interact with the twitter feed we crowdsourced (thanks to all who answered/gave resources on our volume questions!) wasn’t really an option. Lastly, it would have been nice to check out some of the cool sites y’all are putting together, but as a let me show you on this screen exercise it’s pretty yawn-fest-y.  Not that my quick run down/explanation was much better.

I’ve had several audience members say they are going to actively engage in twitter now, but this may have more to do with them being great colleagues instead of R & my’s persuasive powers.  If you plan to give a similar presentation, I’d definitely want to find a non-tech way to add some pizazz and would include some other video testimonials from folks.

Here’s our slides, I think we’ve got most of the current goings on of the mathtwitterblogosphere represented if you’re looking for a list.

Google Presentation Slides

I also updated my “Math Tweeps” twitter list if you’re here from our session and looking for some folks to follow.  If you’re already an active math twitterer and you’re wondering why you’re on the list, updating this thing is far more onerous than it should be and I probably just assumed you were already on it 🙂  I rarely use my lists, so I’m not missing out on all your genius, promise.


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