Just when you think you’re winning

You lose big.  Huge even.  

I was just starting to be so very proud of my students.  Their pattern sniffing and ability to generalize has come SO FAR since the beginning of the year.  I was looking forward to our linear relations unit after Christmas holidays as so much of the heavy lifting will already be done, we will just be polishing and exploring deeper.

Naturally, the easiest unit of the year, one I’ve taught multiple times with no issue, bombs.  Horrid.  I want to throw the exams in the garbage, yell at the kids and start over.  It’s that bad.  Quizzes looked fine.  In class discussion was less than normal, but I have a huge EAL/modified population this year so that’s the norm.

It’s this kind of thing that makes me want to slap some percentages on these things to scare them into a little work.  I won’t, but it sure is tempting.

So I guess I know where I’ll be spending my noon hours for the next week or so. Oh hello mandatory noon hour help…


One thought on “Just when you think you’re winning

  1. Been there seen that. Your choices are clear, take the hit and retake the test. Let the students know the previous test was a disappointment ( blame them) or say they weren’t ready(and accept the blame.

    Either this or assign a project to alternately assess the skills…( which would likely be my choice). If so let them know a traditional assessment of these skills will happen at some time.

    Scott hills.

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