A Day in The Life

I thought it would be fun to do this as I’m part-time teacher, part-time business owner.  I teach 75% (3 morning classes).  Monday and Friday afternoons I hang out with Bright, and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoons I spend working on business related things.  Thursdays is a condensed day at our school to make room for teacher meeting time in the afternoon.  Our regular days run 8:50-3:15 and have 5 one hour periods.  Thursday is also the only evening I work a full shift at the store – I do eat supper with my family the rest of the week 🙂


6:30 Ignore the husband getting up.
6:50 Acknowledge that I may too, need to get up and get ready.
6:55 Accept reality and get out of bed. Do get ready stuff. Eat, get dressed, attempt to make my new hair look like it did last night before I slept on it.
7:40 Start to be concerned that Bright is not up yet. Brush teeth. Pack breakfast for Bright.
7:45 Acknowledge that Bright is not getting up on his own. Start changing him in the dark. He is naturally not impressed about being woken up. Or leaving the house. Or sitting in the car. Or breathing I assume.
8:10 Drop Bright off a daycare.
8:20 Arrive at school. Meet Sharon and Jo in the hallway, morning chat.
8:30 Greeted by several grade 9s at the door just dying to get rid of their heavy, heavy binders. Even the boys notice I’ve gotten a haircut, so this morning’s hello’s are particularly entertaining.
Spend the next 15 minutes recording marks from the impressive pile I finished last night.
8:45 Check both school and personal email to make sure all things school and store are good for the morning.
8:50 Period 1 starts. It’s Thursday, and that means it’s practical and applied arts day, not math as usual. This means answering the question “Do we need our textbooks?” at least 15 times. Since it’s PAA day, we have the teacher-librarian coming in to teach us about infographics for an upcoming integrated project. This is awesome as it gives me a little bit of flex time to finish entering marks and leaving feedback on thank-you letters the students are writing.
9:40 Switcheroo. P2 comes in. More of the same, only there are 10 extra students joining us for the PAA presentation so it’s a little cramped in my room with 38 students and 3 adults. P2 is extended on Thrusdays, so after the presentation our 10 visitors return to their class and we spend the last 20-30 minutes clearing up homework and making hexaflexagons. It’s art day too!
11:00 P3. This class is (probably not so secretly) my favorite. The TL is running a little bit late, so we’re getting organized and chatting. A group of girls asks me if I can show them how to make the more complicated hexaflexagons as they’ve made a whole pile of the simple ones in a huge variety of sizes. As they’re showing me the super-mini ones, the TL comes in and we start infographic-ing.
11:40 Done teaching for the morning! I hand off a pile of thank you letters to the EAL teacher to continue working on with those students in their support period.
11:45 Get a last minute proof for some upcoming advertising for the store. Email and confirm design.
11:50 Run upstairs to the resource classroom to touch base to drop off another pile of thank you letters for those students to keep working on. Touch base on several students and where they’re at.
12:15 Answer some school related email.
12:30 Head home to play with the puppies and eat lunch. There are leftovers, but I’m feeling lazy so peanut butter and banana it is.
1:00 Twitter, RSS, and pay store bills. The frequency with which I need to send money to the government for the store is insane.
1:45 Head back to school for our Common Learning Group Meeting. Since I’m only 75% I typically try to go to 2 Thursday meetings a month. When I don’t go to school meetings, I often meet with my business mentor during this time instead. I’m not going to lie, my mentor meetings are often way more fun and motivating that the school related ones. But! It’s the first day of BOGO Christmas drinks at Starbucks, so I pick up coffee for everyone on my way back. At least this meeting is guaranteed delicious.
2:20 CLG time. We don’t have any specific plans for this meeting and a few key people are missing today. The science teacher and I make some quick plans to integrate some lab/graphing work across our classrooms since it fits well timing wise for both of us. This is awesome because now I won’t have to make up random data to graph. We also plan some dates for our integrated infographic project. The math teachers share some resources and check-in with where we all are and where we’re at with the enrichment portfolio we’re putting together. And by “we’re” I mean “Sharon is.”
3:30 Meeting time over. I stay and visit while doing some marking with several from our group. My huge pile of marking is almost done!
4:30 Pick up Bright from daycare. Naturally he doesn’t want to leave because we don’t have a slide in our backyard. Manage to leave without a full on stiff body tantrum today, just tears and the orders to “no pick up dad!” Pick up the husband from work despite Bright’s demands otherwise. Drop both of them off at home and head to the store.
5:30 Arrive at the store. Today is the first day of a new sale that’s running and the email inbox is full of contradicting instructions for the front window display and what needed to be done in the store. Sort through what’s done, in the middle of being done and needs to get changed. Run to Safeway for supper and a drink before I’m by myself.
7:00 Mall is dead so I call our district manager to check in. There are actually quite a few issues to deal with as she’s been on holidays and so we haven’t talked or texted for over a week and it’s piling up. Normally our talks just involve a question or two and visiting/speculation about what’s coming up. After I get off the phone with her I realize that part of what is compounding our problems is that our email isn’t actually sending anything – a week’s worth of emails to her, head office and IT are all hung in a new, mysterious folder called “outbox.” Get her to email IT for me, now with several requests. Curse and swear.
8:45 Realize that it’s 8:45 and time to start writing a note for the ladies tomorrow with what’s still left to do and the status of the email. Sweep floor, cash out till.
9:15 Head home!
9:30 Visit with the husband for 15 minutes before he leaves for a 10pm meeting.
10:00 Toddler still not sleeping. Hugs, kisses, re tucking in. Twice.
10:15 Couch. Decide to ignore the not sleeping toddler. Turn on Alias and start blogging this day. iPad battery almost dead and I’m too tired so I give up at 1pm and read twitter while watching Alias instead. Husband still not home, so I watch two episodes. Tomorrow is Friday anyway, right?
11:45 Bed. Appeal to whatever diety will listen that the toddler doesn’t wake up before 7am.


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