Another semester, another course.  This one is all about identity and curriculum making, and so far, is right up my alley.  I’m also loving the structure of the class – it’s set up so we meet & discuss as a large group, then split up into small discussion groups, reconvene and repeat with a fixed group we’ll work with on our writing all semester.  The atmosphere is relaxed and fluid with no actual break time, but with people looking after themselves as they need (and there’s snacks, which is always an added perk in my world).  Compared to what was going on at this time last year, it’s pretty great to be in a situation where expectations are high and the environment is super respectful.  I love being in the presence of people who make you want to show them that you can do really high quality work since there’s so much to learn from them.

In relationship to what’s starting to come together for my thesis, I’m wondering if being from SK has an effect of teachers’ relationships to their professional lives.  I’m sure everyone can relate to being slightly different people in different scenarios, and part of this is how great it is when you can reinvent yourself occasionally when moving on to something new.  It gives you an opportunity to grow without the majority of people you’re interacting with having a reference back to “the old you.”

Since it is so small here, this really doesn’t happen for many of my colleagues.  It is entirely possible that you wind up working with people you went to school with all the way from elementary school.  More likely these connections are from university and maybe high school, but my point is they exist.  Do some of the unprofessional attitudes and posturing I see all the time come from this strange identity constructed from people known in a different context?  A desire to preserve the perception people have of you of being laid back?  always the one having a good time?  “cool”?  If there weren’t as many other life connections would people have an easier time doing the right thing in hard situations?


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