audience participation

Two post in 2011 and it’s only the 6th of the month!  Yowsa!  Again I’m going to ask for a little help from all you very kind people.

A thesis idea/direction is starting to take shape so I’d like to pilot something here if you’ve got a spare few minutes.  If you’re game I’d love it if you could write about a particularly vivid memory you have of professional development, good or bad, as you remember it.  If you’re not really wanting to post it in the comments, you can always email it directly to me at chelle.naidu at  Thanks, you folks are all awesome.  (and I will of course continue to share this little journey as it unfolds)


3 thoughts on “audience participation

  1. My most recurring memory is getting tired of sitting and listening. My best memory is trying to fit together some ideas the facilitator had given us on little slips and enjoying how hard it was. I was glad to be working with others to try to figure it out, and when we did, I really understood it.

  2. I remember an early professional development I gave where the topic was entirely selected by the administration, the teachers had no interest, and I was seen as a collaborator because I was on ‘their’ side.

    I’m pretty sure I learned more than anyone else in the room.

  3. The best professional development I got as a first-year teacher was in observing high-performing schools (private, boarding, magnet). We did classroom visits in small groups and then debriefed, focusing not on teacher actions but on student outcomes. What did we see? What skills or knowledge did students need to have in order for us to see that? What evidence did we see of those skills or knowledge being built (or as a work in progress), rather than assuming that all students simply showed up with it? I returned to my classroom much more thoughtful about all the little things that add up over time– no detail too small.

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