Turns out things get a little crazy when you have a baby.  Especially so if you have a baby who doesn’t/can’t eat.  Happily things are slowly improving and said baby sure is cute, even with the NG tube.  Since it’s pretty easy to lose entire days (heck weeks) to random TV series, on the couch feeding and just hanging out with our little guy a few goals for 2011 are in order.

1.  Keep the houseplants alive.

This might seem like a silly goal, but I can’t for the life of me ever remember to water our plants.  We have a couple upstairs that are still alive since I walk by them on a daily basis and notice when they start to turn yellow/look sad, but the ones is the basement are dead.  Real dead.  I’m going to replace them, and hopefully the plan is they will be alive to ring in 2012 with us.

2.  Submit articles to be published in the vinculum.

Since I’ve started my masters I’ve had the pleasure of taking two courses with a pretty innovative prof.  He also happens to be the new editor of our provincial mathematics journal.  In a win-win situation, assignments for both courses have involved writing articles for the vinculum.  Win for those in the class since we get published (and write something more meaningful than a paper), win for those involved with the journal as then they don’t have to go hunting down people for articles (it is SK after all, it’s a pretty small place).  This has been really good for me since I’m pretty sure it’s the first time ever I’ve bothered to properly edit anything.  I’m a write from start to finish person and when I edit things myself it’s very superficial things that get changed.  While I’m pretty comfortable with my academic writing in a it’s slightly better than average kind of way, I had (still have really) no idea how to edit so I could keep improving.  Continuing to prepare and submit articles for publication (without having to!) is a bit of a commitment to continue to improve my writing.

*Aside.  If you’re thinking you’d like to publish something in a journal you should submit things too.  It’s still small enough that you’re almost guaranteed to be published and the editors are all very nice people so it’s a fun experience.*

3.  Sew a bag.

I’ve been looking for a new hobby for a while and have been trying to decide whether I wanted to take up knitting or sewing.  A friend has recently taken up quilting and her stuff is amazing so it sealed the deal.  Sewing for the win. My most wonderful husband has enabled my decision by buying me a machine for Christmas.  Even though there are many things I’d like to sew this year, the bag will be my goal.  This is because whenever I fall into an etsy black hole I always find great bags I really like and think they don’t look like they’d be too hard to make.  I’m sure they are actually much harder, but that’s why I’ve got a year!

4.  Read at least one journal article a week that’s not required by a course.

While I read a lot of blogs, I don’t often seek out journal articles to read.  I need to get better at actually making time to read articles I’m interested in instead of just making notes that I’d like to go back and read it someday.  This is likely the most challenging of my goals since the little man isn’t always very supportive of me reading and I have a hard time reading journal articles in multiple sittings.  Going to guess that’s something I’ll need to get better at also.  I’d like to be really lofty and summarize any articles I do read into my citations manager, but let’s not get too carried away just yet.

4 seems like a manageable number of goals for the year so I’m going to stop there.  Happy New Year everyone!


8 thoughts on “2011

    1. Summaries maybe, kinda thinking California isn’t really in the plans what with the whole not working thing 😛

  1. Bag tutorials that I have bookmarked. (I’ll resolve to finally make one this year. Fused plastic or Dresden petal or reversible one.)

    I find the trickiest part is installing zippers. Don’t be scared off by them, but I’d advise first pattern be zipperless. Related, when you do start including zippers, hand sewing them in is usually less frustrating that using the machine. (Holler at me when you’re at that point and I can go on and on.)

  2. I hope you will put “keeping the little guy’s fans updated” on the back burner at least. Sharing his latest exploits (and photo shoots) with us ought to be at LEAST as worthwhile a goal as keeping the houseplants alive. 😉

    Elizabeth (aka @cheesemonkeysf on Twitter).

    1. That’s just so easy that it’s not goal worthy 🙂 Luckily keeping the littly guy alive seems to come much more naturally than tending the plants!

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