Math Week 2

Well this was just so much fun last week (though most of the discussion took place on twitter, maybe I should give this a #tag…) I think we should do it every week 🙂

I’m sure youve all seen the jug question at some point in time (if you haven’t, stop watching at 2:52 and figure it out for yourself!)  Sorry in advance if the video gets pulled down, Fox doesn’t seem to love sharing their movie for free.

Untitled from Kate Nowak on Vimeo.

This week’s question:

Let us generalize: The jugs are a and b units. We need to measure x units. For what values of a, b and x is it possible? Explore examples and draw conclusions. Partial solutions are appreciated. Suggestion: As a starting point focus on measuring 1 unit. For what values of a and b is it possible?


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