quiet courage

This week at our staff meeting we were given information about our new union website.  Unfortunately, access to the website require making a new email address and using that as a log on.  Seriously STF?  You couldn’t figure out a way to allow any SK schoolboard domain name?  Or just trust that non-teachers are very uninterested in whatever it is we’re gaining access to?  Or if they are interested who really cares? I suppose maybe we all care that the government isn’t on the site for negotiation reasons, but I’m sure that there is a happier and more effective solution than getting all interested parties a new email address and password to remember.  Not to mention, this is yet another website I’d need to try and remember on some kind of seemingly regular basis.

Someone brought up that maybe they’d be running an RSS feed.  To which I made a flippant comment about how there very few things I cared about enough in the STF world that I’d want to include them in my RSS feed.  Another staff member at the table looked at me and said “You should care.”

He’s 100% right.  I should care.  And in all honesty I do.  I was just letting the format of something get in the way.  More than whether I care or not, I was struck by the gentle manner in which this colleague stood up to my whining.  He wasn’t rude or judgmental, nor was he in my face with his opinion.   He was simply confidant enough to speak up to something he didn’t believe.

We need more people like this around.  This seems like a prized personality trait to me – the ability to disarm people in a gentle way when they are talking crap.  To make them think.  To open dialogue instead of throwing up barriers.  I need to be more like this man, and now, even if just a teeny bit, maybe I am.


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